• Independent feasibility studies for governments and kindred bodies.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Advice for the planning, financing, completion and management of infrastructure projects, including seaports, airports, highway systems, roads, rail roads, bridges, waterways, renewable energy: solar and wind power, hydro/water power stations, electricity grids, terrestrial & marine power & fiber-optical cabling and transmission, fast internet for all, 5G mobile telephony.
  • CITY PLANNING: Feasibility studies and advise on the establishment of industrial parks, free ports, special economic zones, green zones, balanced living and employment provision, traffic control, transportation hubs of air, hi-speed, metro, bus and taxi terminals.
  • ECOLOGY: Water recycling and purification projects, reforestation, desertification, land reclamation from the sea, inundation protection from rising sea levels, pollution control, recycling of (nearly) all waste products, river and waterway pollution elimination, climate change reversal, flood prevention and control, carbon neutrality planning, carbon credit programs.
  • ANTROPOLOGICAL: Poverty elimination, small-farm amalgamation, Migration promotion/prevention, social security for all, medical & hospital planning and management, pandemic prevention and management, religious harmony promotion.
  • EDUCATION: Assessing of education systems, advice on improving education systems, vocational training, continuing education for all including retraining of senior citizens to continue to lead a productive and satisfying long lives.
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: We have close working relationships with leading research Universities in almost every discipline, governments, politicians, lobbyists and multinational companies.